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The division of unoriginal spare parts for AIS -Automotive Spare Parts was established in 2007 for marketing of a wide range of quality spare parts for all makes and types of automobiles. At present, the divisions offers include products of world leaders of the aftermarket, such as: - 2007 . aftermarket, :


Accumulator batteries



Brand of the national accumulator corporation ISTA. The spare part division of AIS Company is the exclusive distributor of TORNADO accumulator batteries.



BOSCH accumulators are offered for automobiles of all price segments. Thanks to high production technologies, every motorist can choose an accumulator meeting the technical state of his vehicle.



Shock absorbers



Bilstein brand is the leading manufacturer in Europe (Germany).

Bilstein turns out complex suspension systems employing the latest technological achievements and electronic equipment. Bilstein shock absorbers are used to fit premium class automobiles, such as: Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati and many others.


Magneti Marelli Cofap Autopecas Company founded in 1951 in Brazil belongs to Magneti Marelli group of companies. Cofap offers its clients oil and gas shock absorbers. Products of the Cofap brand are exported to 97 countries of the world.

The high quality is proven with certificates issued to the company: ISO 9001, QS 9000, ISO 14000, TS 16949 and others.

Automotive Spare Parts



Bosch group of companies is the world leading manufacturer of automobile and industrial equipment, electric tools, household appliances and heating equipment. Automotive spare parts by Bosch are found in automobiles, including of serial production, of many known makes.


Febi Bilstein offers automotive spare parts for all makes of cars. The company also turns out spare parts for commercial vehicles. The companys central office is located in Ennepetal (Germany).


Magneti Marelli Cofap Autopecas Company founded in 1951 in Brazil belongs to Magneti Marelli group of companies. Cofap offers its clients oil and gas shock absorbers. Products of the Cofap brand are exported to 97 countries of the world.

The high quality is proven with certificates issued to the company: ISO 9001, QS 9000, ISO 14000, TS 16949 and others.


Brake disks and drums


BREMBO takes a lead position in the development of ceramic brake disks. It runs a joint venture with Daimler. Except Daimler, BREMBO products are supplied to production lines of such companies as Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, Subaru and others. Specific of BREMBO brake disks are the high surface finish, precision of shape and durability.


All Brake Systems company offers a full range of the best parts of braking systems, produced by advanced manufacturers of braking systems.

The brake shoe programme of the A.B.S. brand includes more than 1,200 items and covers the full range of applications for all trucks and cars of the European, Japanese, Korean, US origin, as well as vehicles of small and medium carrying capacity.





Gates Rubber Company is one of the world largest manufacturers of drive belts, hoses for automobiles, hydraulic systems for industrial and agricultural equipment.

GATES is an official supplier for the production lines of such manufacturers as the General Motors, Ford, Daimler-Benz, Caterpillar, Toyota, Nissan, Audi, Volvo, Xerox, AT&T. Volkswagen, J.I. Case, Chrysler, Auto Distribution International, Auto Union Group.


DAYCO Aftermarket , .



KNECHT ranks among the most popular makes of automobile filters on the European and Ukrainian markets of spare parts. The company offers the whole range of automobile filters, from oil filters for the engine to air conditioner filters.

The quality of KNECHT is proven with certificates of compliance and won numerous awards for quality from automobile manufacturers.


Automobile bulbs


OSRAM company is one of the pioneers of the world market of automobile bulbs.
OSRAM cooperates with the leading manufacturers of automobile lights and motor vehicles. Last year, some 52 million automobiles were produced all over the world. More than 26 million of them were fitted with OSRAM bulbs.

Windscreen wipers


Valeo is the world largest manufacturer of clutches, radiators, windscreen wipers, automobile optical devices, air conditioning systems, and takes a lead position in production of generators, starters, security systems, components of automobile electrical and electronic equipment. Valeo engineers and technicians at design and scientific research centres spare no efforts to improve the existing technologies.




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SWF Valeo.




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Facet : Beru, Lucas, Hella.




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1942 Saleri . , BMW, Ford, Ferrari, Maserati, Detroit Diesel, Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Mitsubishi, Lombardini.



Original spare parts for Russian motor vehicles PDF Print

The division of spare parts for Russian makes was established in July, 2008, to market original spare parts for automobiles originating from the CIS.

The division has established partner-distributor relations with the lead manufacturers on the spare part market, including:



KAMAZ Trade and Finance Company

Power Plants JSC

MAZ Republican Unitary Enterprise

Citron JSC, Pekar OJSC, Shardrinsk Automobile Unit Plant OJSC, Pramo Concern, UAZ OJSC, OJSC PAZ, Borisov Plant of Automobile and Tractor Electrical Equipment (BATE), Yaroslavl Engine Plant and others.

The division offers a wide range of products, including both expendable materials and body/large-sized units.

The quality of spare parts is certified with manufacturer certificates.

Thanks to direct contracts with manufacturers, the CIS division offers clients only high quality spare parts for automobiles at reasonable prices. All products are covered by the manufacturers warranty.

Currently, the division is responsible for the following segments:

Spare parts for motor vehicles of GAZ brand


GAZ Automotive Group manufactures commercial vehicles and cars. The Group unites 18 automobile making and machine building enterprises in 10 regions of Russia and in Great Britain.

Original spare parts for all makes of automobiles manufactured by the Group are delivered to the AIS -Automotive Spare Parts chain under direct contracts.


Spare parts for motor vehicles of KAMAZ brand


KAMAZ Group of companies is the largest automobile corporation in the Russian Federation. KAMAZ OJSC ranks 11th among the world leading manufacturers of heavy trucks and 8th by the production of diesel engines.

The quality system of KAMAZ OJSC products meets the requirements of ISO 9001-2000 international standard and was approved by the management system certification body Russian Register.

Spare parts for motor vehicles of MAZ brand


The Minsk Automobile Plant (MAZ) is one of the oldest and biggest motor plants in the CIS. Its main products include heavy trucks but also other types of equipment: trailers, special equipment, buses. The chain offers the complete range of products of the Minsk Automobile Plant.

Spare parts for motor vehicles of PAZ brand


PAZ vehicles are tuned out by one of the subsidiary enterprises of the GAZ group. PAZ commercial vehicles are offered by the AIS Corporation network, while the retail and wholesale chain of AIS -Automotive Spare Parts offers components for PAZ automobiles.

Spare parts for motor vehicles of UAZ brand


Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant (Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant OJSC, UAZ) is an Ulyanovsk-based enterprise founded in July, 1941, a member of Sollers automotive holding (Sollers OJSC, former Siverstal-Avto OJSC). The leading Russian manufacturer of all-wheel driven automobiles: off-road vehicles, light tracks and minivans.

Spare parts for motor vehicles by Yaroslavl Engine Plant

Power Units GAZ Group LLC (Yaroslavl Engine Plant, Yaroslavl Diesel Equipment Plant, Yaroslavl Fuel Equipment Plant) turns out spare parts for engines, gearbox, fuel equipment. It is a key supplier for MAZ and KrAZ makes.

Spare parts for motor vehicles by the Plant of Automobile and Tractor Spark Plugs OJSC (city of Engels).

The plant produces the best known BOSCH product that became its speciality the spark plug. Production of EZ STANDART spark plugs employs advanced process solutions and innovations, making it a leader on the domestic market of electrical equipment for more than 40 years now.

pare parts for motor vehicles by the Automobile Hydraulic Amplifier Republican Unitary Industrial Enterprise

Spare parts for motor vehicles by the Automobile Hydraulic Amplifier Republican Unitary Industrial Enterprise turns out spare parts for automobile steering control, including for production lines of MAZ, KAMAZ, GAZ, PAZ, UAZ, etc.

Spare parts for motor vehicles by Motordetal OJSC, Kostroma

Sleeve assembly and filter elements
One of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of spare parts for automobiles equipped with engines of Yaroslavl Diesel Equipment Plant, KAMAZ, MMZ, AMZ, RM D65, UMZ, VAZ, ZMZ, VMTZ, ZIL, ChTZ.

Spare parts for motor vehicles of BATE brand - Borisov Plant of Automobile and Tractor Electrical Equipment OJSC

Borisov Plant of Automobile and Tractor Electrical Equipment OJSC
Starters, generators and their parts
BATE products currently enjoy steady demand. By their quality and performance they are on a par with those manufactured far abroad, and in some features even surpass them.
Regular customers of its products include BELAZ Production Association, MMZ, MAZ Republican Unitary Industrial Enterprise, AvtoVAZ OJSC, KAMAZ OJSC, GAZ OJSC, UAZ OJSC, AMO "ZIL", ZMZ OJSC and many others.
Auxiliary equipment and tyres PDF Print

Department of auxiliary equipment, accessories, automobile electronic equipment, wheel disks and tyres

The Department of auxiliary equipment, tyres and accessories was established in July, 2008. It encompasses the following divisions:

  1. Automobile chemical goods and car care products
  2. Automobile tyres and wheel disks
  3. Materials for anticorrosive treatment
  4. Crankcase guards and tow bars
  5. Electronic and mechanical antitheft systems
  6. Car Audio

In each division, there are basic brands steadily popular among our clients.Those are:

  • Continental, Nokian, Rosava tyres, and our exclusive brand held by the Continental Concern America.
  • Sheriff, Pantera, Alligator, Convoy security systems.
  • Construct mechanical antitheft systems.
  • Sheriff and Kolchuga crankcase guards.
  • Bosal tow bars.
  • Sony, Kenwood, Pioneer, Prology, Challenger car audio.

Our range of goods is intended to meet all needs of our customers. We are ready to offer both economy and premium products in every segment. And our specialists will always help you choose the right product for your vehicle.


Automobile theft alarm systems





Sheriff products have long become popular with motorists, offering reliable security systems with a large set of service functions and optional auxiliary equipment.

Car radio




Prology is one of the most successful brands of the US company Saturn High-Tech - a known manufacturer of security systems, car multimedia and accessories for automobiles.

Prology specialties are developed by the best American and Russian engineers, professional installers and experts in car multimedia. The products are designed in Great Britain and manufactured at factories compliant with ISO quality standards.

Tow bars




Bosal tow bars are manufactured in Europe (Belgium, Hungary and France). The range of Bosal tow bars numbers over 1.5 thousand models and covers actually the entire market of European, US, Japanese, Korean and Chinese automobiles.

Crankcase guards



The company has been active on Ukraines market since 1998.

Guards are made from cold-rolled steel, 2 mm thick.

Guards are fixed using only organic holes of carrying structures of the vehicle body, at that, the cars clearance is not changed, and the load on suspension elements is not increased. All fixing elements have galvanic coating. For automobiles with an automatic gearbox, additional blow is envisaged, to rule out overheating. Special enforcement ribs are provided, to do away with resonant vibrations.

Automobile floor mats




NovLine production and commercial company has been engaged in design and production of automobile accessories for more than 14 years.

NovLine mats are made from advanced, environment friendly polymeric materials possessing the plasticity of natural caoutchouc. Their form replicates configuration of the automobile floor, while high boards effectively protect the compartment from mud and moisture.





Products of the Continental company tyres for trucks, private and public transport, road machinery are used in may countries of the world.

Thanks to its technologies, products and level of services, Continental, together with its partners, enhances safety and comfort, making driving even more comfortable.




Nokian Tyres is the leading manufacturer of tyres in Northern Europe.

Nokian Tyres company makes emphases on production development and quality. Nokian Tyres holds ISO 9001 certificate issued by Det Norske Veritas international standardisation organisation.




Gislaved is the standard for reliable and safe movement of a motor vehicle.

Gislaved Company is a subsidiary of the Continental AG concern.
It is a world known manufacturer of quality summer and winter tyres.
The Company was among the first to begin production of radial tyres with steel metal cord.


Dnipropetrovsk Tyre Plant


Dneproshina OJSC is the only tyre manufacturer in the CIS that operates its own scientific-technological centre, concentrating research facilities in the field of design of tyres for cars, commercial vehicles, trucks and buses, lifting and transportation machinery, motorcycles and agricultural vehicles.

Specifications of all products meet international technical requirements ISO, ETRTO, STRO, TRA, UEKOON rules.



The product range includes more than 100 size types of tyres for cars, commercial vehicles and trucks, minivans, trolleybuses, agricultural vehicles and industrial trucks, as well as large-sized tyres.

The quality management system of Rosava Closed Joint-Stock Company was certified for compliance with ISO 9001:2000 international standard by TNO Certification b.v.


Proprietary trade mark of AIS-Automotive Spare Part

AMERICA tyres is the brand of the largest automotive concern CONTINENTAL.

AIS Company is the exclusive distributor of the AMERICA brand in Ukraine. The tyres are produced at the Concerns plants in the Czech Republic, France, Romania, Portugal. Tyres are designed for automobiles of the medium price segment.


Proprietary trade mark of AIS-Automotive Spare Parts

Rotex tyres are an exclusive for Ukraine product manufactured by one of the leaders in the tyre industry, Michelin company. Tyres are offered in the medium, affordable price segment and designed for the most popular makes in Ukraine.

Oils and automobile chemical goods PDF Print
The division of oils and automobile chemical goods of AIS - Automotive Spare Parts was established in 2006 and is operating in the following segments: - 2006 :

Oil and lubricants



Shell concern a global British-Dutch company.

Known products upgraded in line with present-day market requirements and meeting high standards of motor oil quality. A wide choice of synthetic and semi-synthetic oils is offered.



TEXACO is the largest international corporation whose activity encompasses all segments of the energy sector. TEXACO makes big investments in modernisation of production, research and development.

High quality and impressive performance of oils and lubricants secure TEXACOS leading position on the world market.

All TEXACO products are certified by a European quality control institution (SGS).



LUKOIL is one of the world largest vertically integrated oil and gas companies.

Thanks to the innovative approach to production, the quality of Lukoil oil meet the requirements of world manufacturers of motor vehicles.


Expendable materials

coolant and brake fluids, electrolytic solutions, desalinated water, windshield washers, delivered under direct contracts:

Tosol-Sintez LLC

Tosol-Sintez Company is one of the largest manufacturers of world class quality automobile chemical goods.

Tosol-Sintez Company was founded in 1993 in Dzerzhinsk, Nizhni Novgorod regions, and has become the leader among the Russian producers of coolant, brake and windshield washing fluids. The Company is the owner of such popular among motorists brands as Rosdot, Rosa, Tom, Chistaya Milia, Tosol-TS Dzerzhinski, Felix Prolonger, AWM, X-Freeze.


VAMP LLC is one of the biggest enterprises in Ukraine specialising in production and marketing of technical fluids for the automotive industry.

The company products are manufactured at an enterprise that got ISO 9001:2000 and DSTU ISO 9001-2001 compliance certificates, they entirely meet the requirements of technical documentation (TU, GOST), are certified in UKRSEPRO system and possess excellent consumer qualities.

Automobile chemical goods for professional production



Henkel means advanced production technologies, professional scientific and technical support for production, a unique laboratory of quality control and development, and a wide range of goods (over 400 items). People in more than 125 countries of the world trust Henkel brands and technologies.



Presently, LIQUI MOLY offers consumers the entire range of oils, additives and lubricants of different types. In addition to the wide range of automobile engine and transmission oils and additives, the company offers programmes of automobile, motorcycle and even bicycle care.

Using the company products, you can start the engine under hard frost, find air leak-in in the engine, clean the engine, carburettor, fuel and cooling systems, get rid of creak of plastic in the passenger compartment, protect locks and electronic equipment against moisture.

All products are manufactures and packed in Germany, at a plant in the city of Ulm.



AZMOL Open Joint-Stock Company is a dynamic enterprise manufacturing plastic lubricants, oils, lubricant and cooling fluids, technological media, alkyd pentaphthalic enamel and varnish, active since 1930s.

The spare part division of AIS Corporation offers lubricants of the Ukrainian manufacturer.