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Company profile

Who we are, or Details do matter

A modern motor vehicle consists of several thousand various units, details, parts. And even the smallest and seemingly imperceptible part is highly important for fully-featured and good run of as complex a machine as a motor vehicle. All of them work together in one team for the one man a car owner. The owner, in his turn, is trying to timely feed his vehicle with the best spare parts. After all, a healthy car will make you feel confident on the road in any situation.
To make such turnover of spare parts in car nature uninterrupted, our company - AIS-Automotive Spare Parts - offers a modern motorist a wide range of goods and services on the automobile market.

The spare part division of AIS AIS-Automotive Spare Parts is the lead operator of the market All for Automobile, is engaged in import and distribution of automotive spare parts, lubricants and automobile chemical goods, tyres, wheel disks, auxiliary equipment and accessories.

Company mission

We, a team of professionals, being market experts, offer our clients advantageous solutions of "All for Automobile", and support the development of clients business, providing timely and high quality services, offering best prices and products, and extending information and marketing support.

Appreciate the client

We greatly appreciate cooperation with our clients, among them: Ukrtelecom, Ukrnafta, Ukrposhta, Privat group of companies, hypermarkets - Okay and Ashan, car dealers - Ford, Citroen, Mazda, Suzuki and Audi, big universal service stations - RosAuto, AutoComService, Technocenter and Aleko-Service, authorised Bosch service stations and so on.

For wholesale and retail clients alike, the company had developed and is implementing loyalty programmes, covering quality servicing, information and technical support, delivery, marketing and investment programmes.


Relations with clients are built inchmeal, so, everything matters in our work, nothing is unimportant.
Our motto is: Details do matter!